Kannaby for Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

We offer the most potent exclusive third-party lab certified 0.00% THC content, Organic Full-Spectrum CBD rich Hemp oil, making it safe for Kids, Pets, Pregnant Women and Adults. 

  Kannaby's Full-Spectrum non-psychoactive, non-addictive, CBD rich formula gets you High in Health while staying awake in your mind.


"Nature is the powerful healer" -Kannaby


Kannaby CBD oil heals

"We are never given a problem without the solution" -Nature



Spray your stress away!

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Lab Test Results

Inspiration Behind Kannaby

Inspiration Behind Kannaby

Third-party lab tested analysis confirms that Kannaby Oil contains helpful cannabinoids along with Cannabidiol organically extracted from the Hemp plant. It doesn't contain any trace amount of THC, Pesticides, Lead, Mercury or Solvent in it.


Inspiration Behind Kannaby

Inspiration Behind Kannaby

Inspiration Behind Kannaby

The Founder of the Kannaby, Vaishali Patel, has always been fascinated by the nature's ways of healing.  During 2017 tubing accident, She had a back and hip injury that left her with daily chronic pain and inability to do her normal activities...


CBD News

Inspiration Behind Kannaby

CBD News

Our blogs have everything you need to know about CBD, from the endocannabinoid system to legal status of CBD in all 50 states. The most intriguing real life stories of how CBD impacted their life. Subscribe to stay tune with our monthly blogs. 

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