About Kannaby's Products

 0.00% THC: Most of the full-spectrum hemp products that claim to be THC free, usually have legally allowed amount of 0.3% THC in it but at Kannaby we offer exclusive 0.00 THC and The manufacturer has the patent pending on the unique formula that retain over 83% of the Hemp Extract while losing THC completely. That’s what makes it more unique and safer for the kids, pets and pregnant women. 

😊Third party Lab Test: Third party lab test confirms that Kannaby's oil is Pesticide free, Solvent free, lead free, mercury free and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is pure natural raw Hemp Extract.   

Color The color of our product as compared to competitors is lighter: *Usually lighter color means fewer impurities.

Fragrance Others smell like burned sugar or smell like solvent; ours is specially designed to have a floral aromatic caused by the terpenes we retain. Note: Our terpenes are naturally extracted from the technology. We do not purchase terpenes to add to our oils.

Quality consistency Solidification is very common in competitor oils because of a large number of impurities in their oil. This leads to very challenging end-product formulation issues. In addition, our customers purchase our oil because our oil does not crystallize. 

Taste. Our product doesn’t taste like you’re eating plants. It doesn’t have the taste of chlorophyll aka grass. Other products taste like grass. Nobody likes the taste of grass… unless you’re cattle or a small furry animal.

The bottom LINE: Our product is attractive to 3 senses: Taste, Smell, and Sight.

Side effects: Dry mouth, Low Blood Pressure or drowsiness may occur if the dosage is too much for you. We recommend you to lower the dosage if you feel any of the side effects. It may interact with certain medication so please consult your doctor if you are taking any other medication to check the suggested interval time between your medication and Kannaby's CBD rich supplements.  

😊 Return Policy: Our product is premium-quality and contain exactly what the label says in it. We offer 100% money back if you are not satisfied with our products within 14 days from the day as you have received.

🌱Our Non-GMO Hemp is Both Grown ORGANICALLY and Extracted using innovative premium method right here in the United States, Colorado. Many products who claims to be THC free usually have under 0.3% Legally allowed THC in it but our unique formula has 0.00 THC which makes it safer for Pregnant woman, Kids and Pets.
Click here to check Kannaby oil's  Third-Party Lab Analysis.  



In accordance with federal regulations we can not make health claims regarding dietary supplements  we can only recommend our product for  general wellness. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Click here,,,,,,,,,,, and,

to find the evidence of a test, analysis, research, or study describing the benefits, performance or efficacy of CBD Oil based on the expertise of relevant professionals. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. The Cannabidiol (CBD) in Kannaby is a natural constituent of full-spectrum hemp plant and grown in the United States of America. Kannaby does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA). 


What is CBD?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is one of the most studied cannabinoids, second only to THC. It is non-psychoactive, it provides numerous health benefits without THC’s intoxicating effects.

What is the right dosage?

Several factors determine your ideal CBD serving. This can include your weight, metabolism, and genetics, among others. Because everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique, some people may only require a small amount of CBD to receive their desired benefits, while others may require much higher serving to experience the same effects. We recommend 300mg to 500mg for kids and pets while adult can go with 1000mg, from there you can start with few drops and increase it up to your need.  Click here to see the detailed guide. 

Is it grown Organically?

Hemp is a bio accumulator, meaning it is capable of absorbing both the good and the bad from the air, water, and soil in which it’s grown. We are proud to be partner with the manufacturer whose Facility is ISO certified that grows the plant Organically, located in Colorado FL. Kannaby’s oil does not contain accumulated toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals.


What is Full-Spectrum and why isn't it called Broad-Spectrum despite it's 0.00% THC content signature product? 

Full-Spectrum means it’s not Isolated CBD, instead it comes from the Full Hemp plant including flower that contains other essential cannabinoids along with CBD, and terpenes which makes it more potent to expedite the healing. Kannaby oil is extracted from the sativa Hemp type of plant of cannabis family, The plant itself has 0% THC content so there is no THC in it and it is full spectrum hence it does come form the full spectrum Hemp Plant. Because of the absense of THC’s intoxicating effects, Our oil is safe for Pets, Kids, Adults and Pregnent women. 

What is the Legal Status of CBD rich Hemp oil?

2018 Farm bill not only makes CBD Derived from the Hemp Plant federally legal but also removes it from the controlled substance list, thus making CBD derieved from full-spectrum Hemp plant completely legal in all of the united states.