Inspiration Behind Kannaby™

The Founder of the Kannaby™, Vaishali Patel, has always been fascinated by the nature's ways of healing. She has been extremely sensitive to pharmaceutical drugs since she can remember, she always had the worst side effects of any chemical drug in the market including the simple pain killer. Because of that she had to rely on nature's way of healing. 

About five years ago, she has had successfully eliminated her thyroid nodule that doctor said was impossible to shrink, but the herbs experiments that she conducted on herself from the book of Ayurveda or her diet and yoga proved the endocrinologist wrong about it. Despite the great news, still, she was unsure of what exactly cured it completely since she was also following the diet from another book as well as doing certain yoga that was not in her routine before. At that time, she really didn't care about researching or publishing about it, she was just grateful that nature has never failed her. 

She has also been a part of the eco-friendly moment by inventing NezBling Menstrual cup. She believes that nature has the key to most of our problems, as if we are deeply connected with it and it's our top most responsibility to take care of it.

During 2017 tubing accident, she had  back and hip injury that left her with daily chronic pain. Surgery was an option that she refused to take, instead she started combating her pain with turmeric supplements as inflammation was the main cause of her pain, and it had been better but even after intense physical therapy, yoga and tai chi practice. 

she still had difficulty doing regular bending activities or dancing with her kids on pop music. The inflammation was keep coming back. Taking turmeric 3 times a day had been her routine to combat chronic pain then, she came across CBD Hemp oil, the results were phenomenal. Her pain was completely gone within one week of the daily use. She started doing more research to a point that she went ahead and became CBD Certified to understand how this little oil drops were helping her.

To satisfy her curiosity she went ahead and had that 1000mg CBD Hemp oil that she bought from the local store, tested by the local lab to see what's in it and to her surprise, it only contained 378mg CBD in it despite the label says 1000mg on it. She reached out to the brand owner and they never responded back to her. 

The other surprising fact she found out was that 1000mg CBD Hemp oil doesn't work with her since she naturally has a low blood pressure and CBD hemp oil can reduce the blood pressure so her right dosage was 300mg that gave her 10mg daily on one serving. Concluding that the first product she tried was indeed her perfect dosage. She just paid the premium price for 1000mg and of course the product didn't contain what was promised in it as well. She was still grateful that it had helped her anyhow, but she wanted to take this experience in to an opportunity to be the better change. 

She founded the Kannaby™ brand that offers the same it says on the label, that, it has in it. She picked out the best manufacturer in Colorado who shares similar passion and purpose to make the life better for everyone. Kannaby™’s manufacturer also has the patent pending on the unique formula that doesn’t contain any trace amount of THC in it and has essential cannabinoids along with the CBD derived from the Full Spectrum Hemp Plant.  

She has been inspired by nature and her innermost desire is to be the part of the better change that is already happening around. She established Kannaby brand to offer pure authentic full spectrum hemp oil that has tremendous power to heal many conditions resulted from oxidative stress and inflammation.  

She is open to talk to any curious mind who may have any question related to Kannaby™ or its products.  To schedule free 15 mins phone consultation, reach out to her, use the contact form below.

MRI of the spine injury from July 2017

MRI of the spine injury from July 2017

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